Love Clipped My Wings

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Love Clipped My Wings

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Love Clipped My Wings
by Camouflage

In 2005, Camouflage published her first anthology of poetry, The Wings of My Butterfly Beauty, on a mission to inspire others to empower themselves and invest in their creative gifts. She shared with us a journey of self-discovery through her eyes as a young woman. Her sophomore anthology of poetry, Love Clipped My Wings, takes us on a journey and uncompromisingly evokes love in its spectrum of expression, from self-love to lust. Camouflage embraces love in its complexity and redefines it with positive affirmations.

About the Author

As the owner of Kreativ Artz, Camouflage aspires to uplift her community by empowering its youth at risk for crime and delinquency and women at risk for domestic violence by offering creative workshops that emphasize self-love and positive expression. As a graduate of both the Baltimore School for the Arts and Bowie State University from which she obtained her bachelor of science degree in journalism in 2004, she understands the importance of an education and the lessons and blessings of the challenge in acquiring it, coupled with the discovery of the creative haven of ones self to which to retreat.

She is most inspired by the love of her husband and daughter with whom she resides in her native home of Baltimore, Maryland, and the wisdom of her parents that has always led the way.

(2010, hardcover, 122 pages)