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by Dorothy Stoder Boekemeier

Love/Hate began when author Dorothy Stoder Boekemeier was listening to local and national television news. It seemed to her there was a surprising number of murders and suicides. What prompted a person to kill ones partner? Then, facing either no parole, life imprisonment, or a lethal needle, turn the gun on themselves? We know love can turn to hate but, does hate ever turn to love? Boekemeier does not think so; hate is too corrosive and too controlling.

About the Author:

Dorothy Stoder Boekemeier is a wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, teacher, and friend. She and her husband are residents of The Willows, a senior citizen residence. Due to the additional time that comes with retirement, she has spent much more of her time writing. Her friends view this as remarkable; however, she has been writing little stories since she was six or seven years of age. Writing has been a lifetime interest to her.

(2016, Paperback, 114 pages)