Love, Jazz, and God Above

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Love, Jazz, and God Above

Love, Jazz, and God Above

By: Carol Spruill


About the Book

Love, Jazz, and God Above tells the story of a brilliant white pony named Love who has knowledge of God’s powerful love. Jazz is a shiny black little car who is eager to learn about God. God above is the inspiration for this story and who it is all about.

Love and Jazz meet in a small town called Justpassinthruville and this is where their admiration for each other, and their journey, begins. They form friendships with some of God’s creations as they travel down country roads. They meet a blessed boy named Karmelo, an adorable grandma, and a tiny, chatty bird named Scarlet. At the end of their tale, you’ll find yourself wanting to adventure more with Love, Jazz, and God Above!


About the Author

Carol Spruill, 78, enjoys painting and drawing as much as she enjoys writing. She likes to cook for her family and friends and is thrilled that they appreciate her cooking. Spruill resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia in a housing for seniors. She feels truly blessed to do volunteer work for her community as well. She has been transformed by the renewing of her mind and is a new person in Christ, with many testimonies of God’s goodness. Her family consists of a son, a daughter, four grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.


(2020, Hardcover, 30 Pages)


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