Lovely Little Daisy's

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Lovely Little Daisy's
by Latoshia Jessup

Latoshia Jessups Lovely Little Daisy's is a collection of poems on love, loss, and life. Relating to the readers, she captures the interest of others with her complex meanings within the poem.

Jessup titled this book Lovely Little Daisys to represent life as a flower and how it is also something that goes through life, love, and loss. As it lives and is admired by us as a whole it is also reaching the end of its life.

Jessup writes her Lovely Little Daisy's with a thousand meanings in every sentence. She writes to let her words wrap around the feelings of her readers in their own unique ways. Without one absolute meaning, the wings of others expand throughout the collection and become as personal to them as they were to her.

About the Author

Allowing the mind to expand and reach past understanding into an unknown feeling with simple words that have no concrete meaning has been Latoshia Jessups lifelong dream. A young poet from Tennessee, she now lives in Colorado with her husband, Nino, and dog, Niko. She writes with a passion to capture a relationship with strangers, one word at a time.

(2012, paperback, 32 pages)