Love's Voyage

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Love's Voyage

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Love's Voyage
by Paulette Bernard

The author of this book captures the essence of lifes imagination. A husband will fight for his marriage while he sleeps. Several friends will travel across the waters to enjoy a newfound freedom and enjoy each other. Lessons are learned during a game of soccer and a husband loses the love of his life. A couple leaves their hometown and moves up North in order to keep their love alive.

The writer uses a colorful and energetic style to convey the stories to her reader. Each story is accompanied with a poem to help relax and prepare the reader for the next story.

About the Author

Paulette Bernard is a graduate from the University of Phoenix, where she obtained her masters of technology, research, and development degree. She started writing from elementary school, and her love kept increasing. She always writes special messages for her friends, family members, and coworkers. Her love of writing, traveling, and her vivid imagination allows her to write the stories her readers have grown to love.

(2010, paperback, 114 pages)