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by Sidney Perry

Loyalty, that characteristic virtue frequently associated with dogs, can be both a blessing and a curse. It solely depends on its limits and the perspective of those who actively encounter its expression. Are all those stories of dogs lying by their masters graves for weeks and years true? Or could loyalty pull you further down the path than just the grave? Perhaps loyalty is something some should fear. You can never really know what loyalty may dig up, just for you. When you happen upon it, walk softly, do not run.

About the Author

A retired IBM engineer and dog lover, Sidney Perry decided that a new career was waiting for him at the PC keyboard. As an avid suspense and mystery lover, reader, listener, and moviegoer for fifty-plus years, he decided to write a better story, with new twists and a few extra turns. He hopes to give you, the reader, something shiny, new, and unique.

Born in Stockport, New York, he now lives with Jessy, his loyal dog, and writes in the house where he was raised, in Chatham Center, New York. Grandfather of four, his life has only taken him out of New York for but a few years of his 62.

(2011, paperback, 50 pages)