Luv' U Bye

Luv' U Bye
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Luví U Bye
by Joyce Allred

About the Book:

I did not plan to become an author.

Iíve been a pianist for sixty years. At fourteen I received a certificate of music education from the Institute of Musical Arts, Lost Angeles. It enabled me to teach music to children for four years. In addition to music education, Iíve played in two orchestras, a swing band, and one ensemble. Iíve played piano for hotel lounges. I am a music person turned writer.

This book will hopefully be a positive inspiration for anyone who has an idea for a greater life.

This book is also to share good and bad experiences and to know you will always survive. It really is darkest just before the dawn.

About the Author

I was born in late July 1941, in Cincinnati Ohio. I spent the first five years of life in Ohio. In 1945 my family moved to Los Angeles. I attended six schools before my family settled in Westchester, California, a very nice area. I graduated high school and attended Santa Monica City College before attending UCLA. I married my college sweetheart, Ken, and settled into becoming a mom.

Through the trials of divorce, I worked the next ten years for Orange County Register Newspaper as a commercial advertiser. I married one more time and had a daughter. My son lives in California, is a minister, and has two daughters. My daughter also lives in California, works in the Territories of Homeland Security, and has three sons. I am blessed.

In closing, my wish is: that you will have had a chuckle and find a bright spot in your daily routine because of my book.


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