Mad Man's Poison: Vol. II in the series "Ba El Shebub's Gift Awakens"

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Mad Man's Poison: Vol. II in the series "Ba El Shebub's Gift Awakens"

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Mad Man's Poison: Vol. II in the series "Ba El Shebub's Gift Awakens"
by Wouter F. Nunnink

In a story where reality and magic interplay, two youngsters cope with challenges that expose their youthful frailty and resilience. Chosen by a powerful magic to become its conduits in its mission to save mankind, eleven-year-old Aarvid and his nine-year-old sister Mona face ever more dangerous obstacles.

Trapped in a magic realm, Aarvid is supported by a diverse cast of characters who enable him to confront monstrous antagonists while simultaneously coping with inner turmoil brought on by magically enhanced physical changes. With his growing inner strength comes a budding awareness of his task.

Mona must deal with her own circumstances. As guardian of the Magic Tome, she experiments with the magic with mixed results. She manages to contact her brothers world and frustrates a powerful nemesis. While her gift of persuasion gains her an invaluable ally, her ability to see the truth endangers her life.

In this fast-paced action-adventure, these two amazing youngsters struggle to come to grips with their fate. Threatened by foes more heinous than ever and forced to the limits of their newly acquired magical skills, will they be forced to put it all on the line?

About the Author

Wouter F. Nunnink was born in Indonesia in 1941. He barely survived internment by the Japanese occupiers during World War II.

After completing his secondary education in The Netherlands, he immigrated to the U.S. in 1960, at the age of nineteen, and established residence in Vermont.

A graduate of the University of Vermont, he completed his MAT in 1973.

During his 31 years teaching and coaching, the urge came to start writing short stories. He shared these with his middle- and high-school-age students.

After retiring from a second career at IBM, Wouter is taking on writing as his next challenge in life. With experiences gained from living in different cultures, ranging from life as a Dutchman in Indonesia to living in The Netherlands as an Asian, and visiting numerous countries while traveling from Indonesia to Holland and back, he provides a unique flavor to his stories.

The author and his wife continue to live and work in Vermont while their three children and two grandchildren live scattered across the U.S.

(2009, paperback, 416 pages)