Magic Every Month II

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Magic Every Month II
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Magic Every Month II
by Naela Hurst

This time, the twelve fairies and pixies enjoy two events in Violet Champagnes month and Summers month. The first is an annual event that happens right in their own city. The girls love all of the smaller events leading up to the horse race, such as the balloon glow, inflatable houses, and the parade. One of the mothers surprises the girls with a new fun activity!

Then, the next month, the girls go to Bible School, another event they look forward to.

The twelve girls enjoy class, music, art, assembly, and, especially, the picnic on the last day. The picnic is usually at a local park or in the church parking lot. The children play games, get toy prizes, eat delicious foods, and enjoy the summer weather.

You will want to jump inside the books yourself. Come on the journey with the same twelve fairies and pixies you love and discover their new adventure! Go visit a city of magic and, you never know, it just might be closer than you think.

About the Author:

Magic Every Month, Naela Hursts first book, has been in an ad on the back of a local magazine, is now in the local library, and she has had a book signing. She was featured and interviewed in the Xenia Daily Gazette where she is dressed as a fairy in the colors of the first book. An aspiring model, Naela quite enjoyed being a fairy like her characters.

Naela hopes to continue the entire Magic series and have more book signings. She enjoys writing as a form of expression, creativity, imagination, and a way of getting out feelings. Having the same characters in each of the books will help you and your children get to know, and love, each one of them.

Naela hopes you enjoy the second part of the Magic series. She hopes youll live in the moment of each month, as they come, as you should in your actual life.

(2015, Paperback, 28 pages)