Magic Every Month III

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Magic Every Month III

Magic Every Month III

By: Naela Hurst

About the Book

Ever thought of taking dance lessons? In this book, the fairies and pixies experience a dance recital on stage. Taking tap and ballet, the girls prepare for their performance. Janu goes through a cool change and her friends approve. They watch older girls do pointe and older children do jazz dance. Finally, it’s their turn.

     In Sam, a fairy’s month, the independence of America is celebrated. Like most, they play outside all day and enjoy the smells and flavors of barbeque. A friendly rivalry between boys and girls breaks out, and the night ends with sparkles. By August, they savor the last days of the summer sun by swimming, riding bikes, and playing at the park. School supply shopping soon creeps up.

     Magic Every Month III has new characters, fun, new activities, and the same twelve girls you’ve come to know and love. Come dance, shine, and get ready for school in the season of sunshine, carefree fun, and laughter. The fairies and pixies are flying to tell you what they’re up to!

About the Author

Naela Hurst has been working on keeping her Facebook page updated with representations of the girls using dolls, which she hopes to have for each girl one day. She encourages children to draw their favorite characters and, with their parents’ permission, post them to her Facebook page. Last year, on Facebook and Pinterest, she made collages describing her characters in hopes that people might dress up for Halloween or maybe a themed birthday party.

     Naela has also contributed to a book drive where her books are sent overseas and given to local children. She is hoping to have more book signings in the future and enjoys doing events. Along with a new website, Naela is broadening her horizons! She has also designed t-shirts.

     She hopes you will enjoy this book, with her own experience of dance lessons and recitals. She encourages reading books despite the world’s fast-paced, technological view. She hopes to add a bit more “Magic” to her readers’ collections.

 (2017, Paperback, 30 pages)

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