Magic Every Month IV

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Magic Every Month IV

Magic Every Month IV

By: Naela Hurst

About the Book

Boo! Did I scare you?! In this book the girls try to choose a costume while enjoying Halloween festivities at church and school. Once they’ve decided on costumes, they enjoy their school’s festival with games, raffles, and food. The twelve girls go trick-or-treating, excited for the days after of candy eating and gum chewing.

     Then, the next month, they learn about Native Americans. Na’Pill, who is a Native American fairy, helps to teach them as well. The season of fall gives them new assignments as animals prepare to gather for hibernation. In their separate relatives’ homes, they get a family-filled holiday with warm hugs and comfort foods.

     This book paints a picture of fall. Maybe you will be able to hear the crunching of leaves or crackle of a fireplace when your imagination opens up. You’ll feel like you are back in school when you read this book, with the lovely sights, smells, and tastes of autumn. Careful, don’t fill up on too much candy or scrumptious foods!

About the Author

In 2016, Naela Hurst designed a website for her books. It provides a brief summary of the books, has pictures, a section for ordering books, and connect to Naela’s social media accounts. There is a photo of the author dressed as a pixie, expressing her love of modeling as well as writing. She draws her characters, hoping that children will see themselves in one of them, all the shades of the world. Her website includes a way to contact her as well. She would love to hear from you!

     Naela’s goal is to have her books in local schools, libraries, and more bookstores around the U.S. In the future, Naela plans on creating coloring books, dolls, and calendars. She hopes you enjoy this book about her favorite holiday, Halloween. To see the website, go to

 (2017, Paperback, 30 pages)

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