Majestik One

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Majestik One
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Majestik One
by Dr. James Denito, D. C.

It is the future, it is twelve years after a cataclysmic global extinction on Earth. The surviving 50 million humans are scattered among new and old land on a toxic remnant of what we used to call home. Thousands exist at various space hotels and research centers off the planet. Dr. Ray Phillips is in charge of science and health at the grandest of the orbiting hotels: the Majestik One. His story begins after devastating explosions begin a race against time to save the few remaining space shuttles from annihilation.

Meanwhile, humanity has become aware of fantastic events occurring at the Martian terraforming project that have dramatically accelerated the date when the red planet can become inhabited again. These changes were set in motion thousands of years ago by intelligent beings long since vanished. The only problem is something mysterious is orchestrating a war to destroy this last chance humanity has to start anew.

The story is a fast-paced two weeks in an exciting blend of high-tech science and real possibilities that exist in this very moment. Who are we as humans and where are we destined to go someday? Does this explain some of the deepest questions mankind has fought over since we came into being? Majestik One is the story of people at the very edge of their beliefs, living and working in a fantastic space hotel that has become their only safe haven above their once beloved Earth.

About the Author

Dr. James Denito, D. C. has practiced nutrition and chiropractic over 30 years in Texas. His encounters with 10,000 patients gave him many stories. He uses humor, science, and imagination to motivate you to anticipate each new day. Dr. Denito is also an active researcher in new theories on Black Holes and high-tech nutrition for select sports.

(2012, paperback, 192 pages)