Majka - eBook

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Majka - eBook


By: A. L. Sylvester

About the Book

Steph, mourning the loss of her mother, wakes up one morning to an unsettling phone call. She finds out that she has co-inherited a house in Maine from her grandmother, along with a previously unknown cousin. Strangely, her mom had never mentioned any family at all. That same morning, Sayer gets the same call. It is even more of a surprise to her. She grew up in a series of foster homes, never knowing any relatives at all. For years, it has been just her and Charlie, her cat.

                The girls each make their way to Maine and there they meet each other and find their inheritance, an old brick building on the shore of a freshwater lake. The house is stuffed with antiques, books on magic, doors that don’t open and a whole top floor with a balcony overlooking the lake but no stairs to get to it. Plus, the yard is patrolled by two huge wildcats.

Their humdrum, settled lives have suddenly been interrupted, and now they face escalating questions and frightening mysteries


About the Author

A. L. Sylvester wrote Majka as a Christmas gift to her two daughters. Sylvester is an honorary “Mainer”; born into a community of family and friends full of quirky individuals which have provided inspiration for some of her characters.

Sylvester and both of her daughters are voracious readers. The Harry Potter series was a big hit in her family, as were many of Stephen King’s works. King was also a close friend of one of her deceased uncles. Although Sylvester never met him, he was part of the family folklore. This book, like many of King’s, is imagined as taking place in the lakes region of southern Maine: full of small villages and fiercely independent folks.

Sylvester has written a story that takes place in a small town in Maine with characters whose attitudes, vocabulary and mannerisms are unique to Maine. Join the author in her first book that will keep you on your toes.


(2019, eBook)