Make-Believe Wife

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Make-Believe Wife

Make-Believe Wife

Cathy Miles


About the Book

Brody Nichols wanted the fifty acres owned by Calvin Schneider. It sat in the center of Brody's west boundary.

Theresa “Terri” Riley slipped past Brody’s defenses and bought the place out from under him and the battle was on. But when Brody got a good look at Terri and over being furious he tried a different approach.

Terri’s family decided to give her a boost in Brody’s direction and to matrimony. Talked them into a marriage that was a ruse, complete with a trip to Las Vegas for the marriage, honeymoon and return to home.

Then strange things began to happen, dangerous things. Given Terri’s distrust of men, Terri decided she needed to stop the bad things.

Could she trust Brody, her feelings and could they make this pretend marriage into a real one?


About the Author

Cathy Miles has been making up stories since she was a little girl. She has now ventured out to put them on paper for other readers to enjoy. She is a mother, grandmother, and an avid reader. Her favorite books are romances with tall rugged cowboys with hairy chests, and if they make her laugh out loud, even better. Her family includes two cats and one dog, at this time. There has been a menagerie in the kitchen at times too.


(2020, Paperback, 210 Pages)


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