Mama Said Don't Take No Tea for the Fever!

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Mama Said Don't Take No Tea for the Fever!
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Mama Said Don't Take No Tea for the Fever!
by Sheila Kendall-Welch

This heart-retching true story is about a courageous, brave woman named Sheila who entered into this world with her eyes open to a life of abandonment. A newborn baby left alone in a rooming house by her mother, she was rescued and taken to MaMa, her grandmother, who received her lovingly with open arms.

MaMa struggled each day running a speakeasy, making moonshine whiskey among other money-making ventures to care for the childwhile Sheilas mother, Orrie Belle, worked in a house not far as a call girl, rejecting her daughter.

Sheila was ripped away from the arms of MaMa at the age of seven by the police and her mother to be introduced to a life of prostitution, heartbreak, and having her sweet innocence taken away, living and trying to survive in an adults worldin the ghetto.

About the Author

Sheila Kendall-Welch was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. She was a child growing up who dreamed of being a great woman one day but never had the opportunity to excel in her dreams.

Sheila was inspired to write while living in a homeless shelter for three and a half years. She never wrote about the birds and the bees or meeting a handsome prince, riding away into the sunset on a beautiful white horse. She never lived that kind of life nor felt what it was like not having to survive every day.

Wherever God leads me, she says, I never want to forget where I came from or my people I left behind. Theres no life if the suffering cant take the ride with me.

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(2009, paperback, 74 pages)