Mander's Dragons: The Return of the Nathum

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Mander's Dragons: The Return of the Nathum
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Manders Dragons: The Return of the Nathum
by Luis Rosario

If you like riding dragons, wielding magic swords, and meeting elves, then youd better join Calim and his friends on this dragon-riding adventure!

Flying away from Azem Canyon, Calim and his four friends take flight on four dragons to save the world from the mysterious Nathumthe only problem is that it involves many chances to die, earn some large injuries, and, of course, losing three to four limbs.

This fantasy joyride takes readers from Canyon City, to the Dark Sea, and even to the Elven worldwhile keeping the magic up with a humorous twist.

About the Author:

Luis Rosario is a Christian teenage writer with an avid love for fantasy. As a young boy, Luis normally would have his head thinking up an idea for a story. Many times he will draw his ideas for his stories on paper before even starting to write or fully completing the point of the book.

Luis was born in the Dominican Republic, but then moved to Wisconsin with his mother, father, and younger brother in 2008, and is currently still living in the north of Wisconsin.

(2015, Paperback, 62 pages)