Manyara: The Slaughter

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Manyara: The Slaughter
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Manyara: The Slaughter
by Mutepa Chellah

Manyara is the story of one familys struggle to protect their farm and their lives against a corrupt government.

Michelle is only a teenager, but her father, a successful farmer and businessman, turns to her as his oldest heir. He needs to know that she will take control of Manyara if anything happens to him during the violent struggles tearing apart their community. Stunned at the thought of losing her family and her home, she gets comfort and support from Andrew, the son of another local landowner. But the bloodshed and chaos continue to cause upheaval, and Michelle is not always sure whether she or Manyara will survive.

About the Author

Mutepa Chellah lives in Zambia with her husband, Darius Musonda, and four kids: Fungai, Gispa, Omrai, and Zimrai. She works as a personal secretary for the Electoral Commission of Zambia and is a member of the Professional Secretaries Association of Zambia. In addition to writing, she also enjoys spending her free time traveling.

(2012, paperback, 78 pages)