MAPS Toward Spiritual Enlightenment

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MAPS Toward Spiritual Enlightenment

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MAPS Toward Spiritual Enlightenment
by Andre Watson

Much like a roadmap provides geographic locations and directions to a desired destination, so it is that this book, MAPS Toward Spiritual Enlightenment, provides direction to our spiritual development and destination. MAPS is an acronym comprising the following meaning:
M Meditation
A Affirmation
P Prayer
S Spiritual Study

This book describes each of the four MAPS disciplines and explains its purpose and connection to our spiritual development. It provides a practical how-to approach to this age-old sublime quest embedded in each of us.

About the Author

Andre Watson is a resident of Upper Marlboro, Maryland. He is a member of Unity Center of Light and has focused on his spiritual development for the past twenty yearsincluding a consistent MAPS practitioner. He has a masters degree in human resources development and is the owner of Group Eagle Consultants, an organizational development firm, with an emphasis on training and group facilitation. Group Eagle initially focused on ones professional development; however, it has since expanded to include spiritual development. MAPS Toward Spiritual Enlightenment is Mr. Watsons first venture in this direction, which includes writings, workshops, and other types of educational formats.

(2009, paperback, 74 pages)