Margee - eBook

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Margee - eBook


By: Mo Hymer-Key

About the Book

Margee is a twenty-three-year-old agnostic religious studies major, living in, of all places, Salt Lake City, Utah. After a humiliating break-up with her college sweetheart over winter break, Margee returns to grad school in Utah, comforted by her crass best friend, Corynne. A chance meeting with her hunky neighbor, Brett, who watched her dog over the vacation, piques Margee’s inertest in more than one way, causing her to rethink her position on life and love.

Just when Margee thinks that her broken heart is going to mend, the unthinkable happens, changing her life forever. Through her journey, Margee learns about faith, love, hope, and that there just might be a God after all.

About the Author

Mo Hymer-Key is a registered nurse who hails from the four corners of New Mexico and loves living there. She has a lot of experience with Native Americans having worked for Indian Health in and on the Navajo Reservation for a few years. Mo is a certified wound care nurse with a wide knowledge base in both wounds, surgery and amputations, which was important to her to make the story believable. She states: “Everything that I said in the book from a medical standpoint is absolutely true.”

Now living in central California, Mo spends her time writing, working, and loves being with her husband and “herd” of four little dogs.

(2017, eBook)