Marriage as an Institution in Modern Society

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8765-2
Marriage as an Institution in Modern Society
by Dr. Alicia Aguilera Montoya Families are the cornerstones of society, Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of his Church, and we are all part of God's Church. If Christian families disappear, our society will eventually follow them. This book highlights the importance of family and community values in modern society, their structures and functions in the modern world, and how they can perform better. It also highlights their roles and responsibilities by analyzing various aspects of management theories and utilizing some financial aspects that can be applied to different concepts of family and society in the modern world for the benefit of all. Through the understanding of cultures, habits, customs, beliefs, leadership, and social and family designs, and taking into account the social changes in the world in which we live, this understanding may lead us to the development of progress, prosperity, and peace. In other words, mankind's wellbeing can be achieved by working together in solidarity and in peace with our neighbors, avoiding the disintegration, elimination, exclusion, discrimination, destruction, isolation, division, depravation, unfairness, injustice, oppression, submission, slavery, insecurity, phobia, fear, neurosis, and psychosis, which all afflict this modern world. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dr. Alicia Aguilera Montoya was born in Mexico City, where she graduated as a medical doctor with a degree of Medical Surgeon in Obstetrics and Pediatrics. She practiced as a pediatrician. She has lived in Northern Ireland for twenty-four years. During that time, she took an MSc in Health and Social Services Management and a diploma in Management. She is also the author of the books Know Your Doctor: A Self-Help Medical Guide for Patients, Know Yourself and the World in Which You Live, The Future of Medicine in the World, and The World in Conflict: The Never-Ending History. (2008, paperback, 452 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.