Mary's Contractions

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Mary's Contractions

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Mary's Contractions
by Pastor Edwards

Bombs are showing up on people's doorsteps and the FBI and ATF have to act quickly. The case is so enigmatic that they have to utilize all of their resources because of the patriot Act proceeding 911. Monica Freeman is just starting her first year as a cop and can't wait to get her hands on some of the action. She leaves behind a promising career in psychology to become a cop because she no longer finds it challenging.

What she doesn't realize is her boss is going to put her on an assignment where she can use those skills for the ultimate challenge. Two weeks with a mental patient. They feel if she goes deep inside a mental patient's head that they might find similar patterns in behavior to catch the terrorist they're looking for. The mental patient thinks he can help in a big way but Monica is skeptical and feels her superiors are leaving her in the dark. Can a delusional schizophrenic help Monica catch one of Philadelphia's most dangerous killers?

And who is Mary Maimer?

About the Author

Pastor Edwards is just the ghostwriter name for Blake Steidler. Blake was born and raised in the farmlands of Lancaster County, PA. Blake is a 2000 graduate and an avid runner who carries a class-A CDL along with a Bible certificate from a Bible program. He has survived ten hospitalizations for psychotic episodes since the age of seventeen, when he believed his teacher was choking another student, but nothing happened. He continues to take his psychotropical meds and write interesting stories.

(2011, paperback, 196 pages)