Masked Mistress

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Masked Mistress

Masked Mistress

By: Zyi

About the Book

It’s not all well in love and fashion. Zaphyire Kelley takes us on an exotic ride between love, hate, desire, addition, and secrecy. The sultry seductress will reel you into her world of entrapment. A desirous Zaphyire is caught between lovers and love. Though she embellishes in her charm and wit, is it enough to keep her from falling off the escarpment of insanity?


About the Author

Author Zyi was born in the south of Louisiana. She spent half of her childhood in Franklinton, Louisiana, and in McComb, Mississippi. After her parents divorced, she moved back to Franklinton, Louisiana, with her mother and baby sister, Danielle. After hurricane Katrina, Zyi’s mother moved them to Shreveport, Louisiana. Writing has helped Zyi conquer a lot of obstacles in her life. Zyi was sickly as a child. While lying in the hospital bed, she would escape her pain and suffering by letting her imagination run wild. She started writing stories at the age of five going in and out of the hospital. She suffered from autism, epilepsy, and mental and physical illnesses. Zyi graduated from Green Oaks Performing Arts Academy in 2012. She kept writing with a dream of becoming a novelist. In 2017, after being encouraged by her mother, Zyi decided to publish her first book, Masked Mistress: Tales of a Mistress.

(2018, Paperback, 144 pages)

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