Master Artist

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Master Artist
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Master Artist

by Raymond Brooks Black

John R. Del Monte has been a very passionate artist for over 60 years; his work is prolific and diverse. He is versed in drawing, painting and sculpting, as well as in the preparation and use of all mediums. John is a talented teacher at the university level. By invitation of the mayor of Lucca, Italy, John has started and maintained a creative arts study there. The school has operated for 43 years under Johns tutelage.

After becoming friends with John, author Raymond Brooks Black saw a need that should be filled.

Though John has shown and sold his work in the USA and Italy over the years and is well known in art circles, John does not have the notoriety that is his due. By publishing this book about John and his work, Black hopes to raise the level of awareness about who John is, both for his work now and for the future owners of his works.

Artist John R. Del Monte is a real treasure, a renaissance man.

About the Author

Raymond Brooks Blacks interest in photography began in 1987 and has progressed to the point where his primary passion is fine art photographs and digital black and white photography.

In the last three years Black has been interested in helping artists record their work and putting it in book form. So many artists are passionate about their work but cannot make headway in promoting and selling their work. If Black can help in some way by publicizing their life and work, then he feels he has contributed to the betterment of society by providing access to interesting artists and work that may never have been known.