Master Plan

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9505-3
Master Plan
by Trina Leigh Trina Leigh grew up in Chicago, where she, like so many other young children, found herself a victim of circumstance. Raped and abused repeatedly as a young girl, Trina Leighs adolescence was characterized by fear, pain, and the search for escape. Years of drug abuse and depression finally ended when she found solace and redemption in the grace of God. Now that she had finally found the respite she had been searching for so long, Trina Leigh was determined to bring the same relief to young girls like herself everywhere. Through three years of therapy, Trina Leigh was able to relive more than two decades of painful, scarring memories, which would ultimately take written form in her book, Master Plan: A Journey Through the Dark Side of Chicago (RoseDog Books, March 2005, ISBN: 0-8059-9505-6, $15.00). A Chronicle of her life, Trina Leigh uses Master Plan as a vehicle to bring the message of hope and help to rape victims and show them that they have the power to reclaim the life, hope, and love torn from them by their abusers. Trina Leigh currently resides in Texas where she works part time as a Dental Assistant and owns her own business. She volunteers regularly with local youth groups, encouraging young people to take responsibility for their feelings and actions, and helping them find purpose in their lives. To Schedule an interview with Trina Leigh or to request a review copy of Master Plan, please contact Trina Leigh at (2006, paperback, 138 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.