Matching the Picture

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Matching the Picture

Matching the Picture

By: Willian Lloyd

Illustrator: Andrew Sexton


About the Book

Hungry for love, a tribe beats their fists. While spirits call for mercy, the distant desert shines upon a figure in hostile cooperation and the dreamtime begins!

A stunning example of how Aboriginal culture exists from past to present. This worry that has appeared since colonization is now a story we can appreciate. William Lloyd’s poetry is altogether a system that appeals to anyone. Being white and standing up for a lost culture, beginning with the law of the land, we see apartheid broken and a new look at this sophisticated tribe.


About the Author

William Lloyd is a passionate poet at heart. From an early age he has used poetry to express and identify social issues. Matching the Picture is the latest collection published by William Lloyd. Other works include One Lover and Kids.


(2019, Paperback, 30 pages)

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