Matthew Maddison Esq.: Secret Agent

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Matthew Maddison Esq.: Secret Agent
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Matthew Maddison Esq.: Secret Agent
by Albert E. Farrar Jr

Author Albert E. Farrar Jr. called upon his experience from three earlier books to bring these interesting stories together. The mysteries in each chapter are different, yet similar, as the assignments take our undercover government agent from one interesting event to another. His involvement with the daughter of a gangster to eventually finding the lady he will marry, and the dangers along the way, make each story a challenge. In the end, our hero ends his career as a secret government operator.

About the Author: Albert E. Farrar Jr. started his serious writing career in 2003. A desire to always put together stories led to his writing mysteries. He tried other styles, including light-hearted and human interest stories, and still writes some of those. However, they are not in print except for one book he published two years ago. Many other types of short stories were completed before mysteries and secret agent stories became his area of greatest interest.

(2015, Paperback, 250 pages)