Me and Thelma and Louise

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Me and Thelma and Louise

Me and Thelma and Louise

By: Jack Dugan


About the Book

This book is a humorous account of two empty nester’s experiences traveling through Europe. No tour groups. No fixed itinerary. No familiarity with the destinations. No knowledge of the language. No experience with the cultures. Driving in new countries, getting lost and finding their way again. These stories will entertain you, inform you and make you laugh.

The author and his wife made their first trip to Europe in 1991 followed by 18 more trips over 26 years. They did this completely on their own without the assistance of any travel services, leading to numerous unplanned adventures.

Travel in this fashion provides the opportunity to meet other travelers or locals and adjust plans based on their advice and experiences. Because of their adventurous nature and these personal interactions, they were able to travel to places like Corsica and Sardinia and off-the-beaten-path side trips, where they experienced many unique and humorous events.

This book provides the reader with exciting, interesting and funny stories about experiences on these trips. It might be enough to just enjoy the second-hand experiences of these travelers but hopefully it will inspire readers to undertake similar travel.


About the Author

Jack Dugan was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Jack and his wife Elaine moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1969. In college and graduate school writing was a strength and something he enjoyed. He wrote his first book in 1991, a labor of love called Finally Something to Cheer About which was a collection of anecdotal stories about the remarkable pennant year of the 1991 Atlanta Braves.

Jack is by nature a storyteller about all aspects of his life, his experiences and those things that entertain him. This is the second time he was able to put his story telling in a book that all can enjoy.


(2021, Paperback, 192 Pages)


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