Measured Steps

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Measured Steps

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Measured Steps
by Stephen F. Estill, "The Antique Rocker"

Measured Steps is a book about my life and the experiences I have lived through, good and bad. It leans heavily into the music part of my life. Also, it contains my philosophies on life and how I have lived. So if you are into light and funny reading, you may enjoy it.

About the Author

I call myself The Antique Rocker because I sing old rock-n-roll. I write songs more than sing them, and I perform on local cable television and sing at nursing homes and car shows. I also collect antique cars. I own a 1955 Ford, a 1954 Oldsmobile, a 1955 Olds, a 1956 Olds, and a 1957 Olds. (You dont have to guess what kind of car I like best.)

I jokingly refer to myself as one hundred forty years old while I am a little younger than that. In 2009 I plan to walk and run from my home to the Pacific Ocean.

(2008, paperback, 54 pages)