Meditational Moments with God

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Meditational Moments with God

Meditational Moments with God

By: Dr. Freddie A. Banks

About the Book


We find ourselves in the most vulnerable and troublesome situation as Christians, but God has put forth good news in Meditational Moments with God.

                Used as a personal guide or as a reading, Meditational Moments with God is to be shared with Christians and non-convents and is sure to be treasured by any person seeking enlightenment or encouragement. This inspiring work presents a number of highly versatile mediations designed to enhance your relationship with God through the study of His word. Each mediation is prefaced by an appropriate passage from the scripture, spackled with story illustrations, and is spiritually oriented to provoke spiritual thought.

Designed to inspire, comfort, console, and aid others, Meditational Moments with God will speak to all believers and strengthen your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.


About the Author


Dr. Freddie A. Banks was the pastor of Samuel Brown Temple A.M.E. Zion Church for 14 years and the pastor on Unity Christian Fellowship Ministries Zion Church for six years. He holds advanced degrees from Southern Illinois University College of Education. He is a profound educator in his roles as a teacher, principal, district superintendent, and university professor. He received the Outstanding Elementary Educational and Community Service award in 1972 and the previous recipient of the Duquoin Chambers Lifetime Achievement and Rotary Presidential Award. He worked in the Duquoin district for 24 years before he decided to aid students from all walks of life at John A. Logan Junior College. He has authored many articles in educational journals and assisted in a grant program that aimed to recruit and retain minority students into teaching positions at Eastern Illinois University. His previous works include A Determined Soul, with God, You Can Make It and The Plight of the African American Male – We Can’t be Silent.


(2020, paperback, 160 pages)

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