Messages: A Little Something From Me

Messages: A Little Something From Me
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A Little Something From Me
by Winifred Smith Eure

The book Messages: A Little Something From Me is a poetic journey about empathy. From her ability to empathize with others, the author has created a lyrical work for a diverse audience of readers.

While a few of the poems originate from real life experiences, others are a product of the author's vivid imagination and awareness of human conditions.

This book was created by Winifred Smith Eure’s desire to give something back to others. She has been the recipient of so much wisdom and enlightenment from others who have touched her life in unforgettable ways.

The characters in the author's prose and poetry are everyday down to earth people who are sending messages directly and/or whom messages are being sent to the readers about them between the lines of the poems. The messages are relevant and timely.

This is a great book to enjoy while having a cup of coffee or tea or just relaxing after a tiresome day.

About the Author

Winifred Smith Eure believes “Once a writer, always a writer.” She has not put down her pen, as she thought might be the case after writing her anthology. Messages: A Little Something From Me is her fifth poetry book. Her cup runneth over.

Having retired a little over a year ago from her work as a Special Education Teacher in the city of Newark New Jersey, Winifred is still enjoying teaching young people as a volunteer in her hometown Maplewood, New Jersey. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends and traveling.

(2013, hardback, 48 pages)


Messages: A Little Something From Me (eBook)
Messages: A Little Something From Me (eBook)

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