Melodies of Life

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Melodies of Life

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Melodies of Life
by Lloyd Fuge

Melodies of Life contains 47 poems about the various stages of living. There are rhymed poems with stories of infancy, a number of love sonnets, various poems on ethics and cosmology in free verse, and reverie poems reflecting on enjoyable memories of life. Then, of course, there are poems looking quietly at the expectation of dying. Sprinkled throughout there are a few poems comparing the behavior of ants to humans. The memory of a full life should be enjoyed and this book gives reminders of pleasant experiences.

Hopefully you will find the book enjoyable.

About the Author

Lloyd H. Fuge is eighty years of age and has been blind for sixty-five years. During that time he lived in Clairton, Pennsylvania for 77 years and served as councilman and mayor of the City. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Pittsburgh and from its law school with honors and served on the speech faculty at University of Pittsburgh two years. He practiced law 37 years and has been doing readings for the past seventeen years in poetry, philosophy, cosmology, astrophysics, physical science, bioscience and various religions.

His wife, Dorothy--who has also been blind most of her life, and he have been married 51 years; they raised two daughters and now have three grandchildren.

(2010, paperback, 116 pages)