Memoirs of a Bitch Bent on Revenge - eBook

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Memoirs of a Bitch Bent on Revenge - eBook

Memoirs of a Bitch Bent on Revenge

By: Kathy Y. Ferguson

About the Book

Kathy and Mike both have successful jobs, a large beautiful family, and live in an affluent part of Arlington, Virginia. Because of their jobs, they hardly ever have time to see or spend time with each other. They decided after 18 years of being together that they should start having date day and date night again. Kathy and Mike spent the whole day making love, talking, eating, and enjoying the view of the beach from their condo patio. That night, Kathy and Mike went to the place where they first met. It was an amazing night. Mike wined, dined, and took Kathy to the movies.

After the movie, Kathy and Mike walked along Pennsylvania Avenue, talking, kissing, and smelling the delicious exotic international food when a man came out of the shadows. Kathy though he was just a homeless man looking for a handout, but what he did next changed Kathy’s life from a woman of privilege to a bitch bent on revenge. This book is riveting. It is absolutely raw. It is a thriller that is graphically visual and intense. Reading this book is like looking into the mind of pure revenge.

About the Author

Kathy Y. Ferguson was born, raised, and educated in Washington, D.C. She currently resides in Maryland and still remains maternally close to her two children and five grandchildren.

(2017, eBook)