Memoirs of a Fallen

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Memoirs of a Fallen

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Memoirs of a Fallen
by Sophie B. Girard

It was in the innocence that grew the will and the desire to grasp the understanding of love, for I had seen the extent of its power. I had witnessed the beauty it bred. But in innocence, I had also lacked the required comprehension to fully claim knowledge of such nebulous essence, as did the many, if not all those who craved it to a desperate and dangerous level. In a world of hatred I was cast; the light of love mantled by endless darkness, without a guiding shine, with decaying hopes to ever again embrace the warmth of Heaven; the divine serenity experienced through this love I could only feel as I would feel the breath of the wind, but not yet heed with the eyes of my mind. Cast into the mouth of madness I have fought to salvage my faith, fought against the fiends of hatred who sought but to corrupt my love. But who were they if not lost ones condemned by their own selves to forever walk the road of ignorance, deprived of the vital oxygen of love, suffocating, starving for a necessity they do not father? They angered in their hurt, as I did in my misery when all that inspired my hopes to ever reach the light of love forever succumbed to their demise. The Christian Bible claims that Truth only comes to the deserving ones who bear the knowledge to grasp it. I believe in such claim, for I believe love holds the same fate.

(2010, paperback, 420 pages)