Memories in Time

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Memories in Time
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Memories in Time
by Kit Nashton

This book is about kids having their first pet, the first time they get in trouble in school, and their first family event. As you read, you will remember these things in your heart. These are memories we all have and cherish them for all to see and remember.

About the Author:

Kit Nashton, like many of us, has memories of growing up and doing things with family. The memories of having fun throughout the four seasons or going places with our family leaves an impression that remains with us while growing up. Our kids grow up and do things that make us proud of them.

Kit has memories of what hes done and saw in his hometown of Rome, New York, with his friends and family. He has memories of serving our country in the military. Memories are meaningful and pleasant to all of us.

(2016, Paperback, 94 pages)