Memories of World War II

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Memories of World War II

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Memories of World War II
by Louie D. Sullivan Sr.

Roy, my younger brother, went to Dallas, Texas. He joined the U.S. Navy on December 6, 1941. He was under age and asked our fathers permission! The next day was the attack on Pearl Harbor. Our dad said, Son, you dont have to go. My brother said, But Dad, I gave them my word!

In February of 1942, he wrote: I got off the ship. Im okay. Then he went through parachute training and went on leave to go home. He went out to sea again on Thanksgiving Day, 1943, and was torpedoed in the Gilbert Islands aboard the USS Liscombe Bay CVE.

About the Author

Louie D. Sullivan Sr. was born on March 5, 1922, in Bellton, South Carolina. He is the son of James Alvin and Mae Hancock Sullivan. Louie is one of five boys, and he also has four sisters.

Louie moved to McKinney, Texas, in spring of 1927. His dad worked for Texas textile mills.

(2010, paperback, 74 pages)