Michael's Poetry: Poems of Inspiration and Meaning

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Michael's Poetry: Poems of Inspiration and Meaning

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Michael's Poetry: Poems of Inspiration and Meaning
by Michael Harris

The poems I write are about being positive and having faith in God. Some of them are about the different events that took place in my life and the emotions I experienced during that time. I mainly like to write because I can express how I feel better on paper than I can just talking. Plus, people pay more attention to you if they can not only hear what you are saying but see what you are saying also.

My poems are designed to capture a persons mind and heart and let that person know things will get better someday.

About the Author

My name is Michael Harris, and I am thirty-four years of age. I started writing poetry at the age of eighteen and somehow decided to continue to do so. Back then writing was very hard for me because I absolutely had no idea what to write about. Then I was hit with a great solution. Since the life I was living was a struggle, I just found it easier to write about that--the good times and the bad and the different emotions I experienced. And today I am still writing because winners never quit and quitters never win.

(2010, paperback, 32 pages)