Michelle: The Real Affection

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Michelle: The Real Affection

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Michelle: The Real Affection
by Kyra Chatzidaki

Three friends gather each Sunday to play in the woods near the castle Stronghold. Theres Michelle, an English girl, a Greek girl named Lydia, and from France there is Natalie. They are the same and different at the same time.

This story is of Michelle, daughter of the Duke of England. She is a girl who doesnt like losing, and she would do anything to get her way. On her birthday, however, a small misunderstanding with Duke Harry Coppinger Northwood changes her life and leads Michelle to feel a unique and important feeling: real affection, which is called love.

About the Author

Kyra Chatzidaki is the first child of a large, Greek family. At a young age she began writing poems, but after she got married and had her first child, she started writing a book.

I believe that to be happy with your life you have to do what you like, Chatzidaki states. I am very happy because I do what I love

(2011, paperback, 268 pages)