Millipede Curl

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8820-8
Millipede Curl
by Bakthi Ross The importance of this book is that it emphasizes the family closeness. It reminds us there is no place like home and the importance of telling someone where you are and what you are doing. It also uses Marlee as an example to explain how children are interested in exploring new things and new places. When children are exploring new things or places, they are forgetful and unaware of the time and danger of their surroundings. Furthermore, it tells us the significance of telling someone where you are going and what you are doing so that in an emergency, they are able to contact you without too many hassles. Being alone made Marlee the Millipede realize and value the importance of being together and enjoying a meal together. Getting home safe and sound and enjoying that warmth of home is important to a child and is emphasized through Marlee feeling lost and missing home. It is also found by reentering the tree hollow home and feeling that warmth and cuddly curl. When a child is lost, how a child sees his or her surroundings in a fearful manner, and how a child hears noises different to what reality is are noted by Marlee entering unknown territories, meeting unknown characters, and seeing them with her fearful mind. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Bakthi Ross is a former teacher and a professional accounting student with two kids and is fast becoming an author of childrens books. She has been doing quite a lot of research on animal behaviours in order to playfully relate them to childrens behaviours. Her books are meant to encourage and give confidence to children when they encounter situations for the first time in their lives. Her recently published books are The Day They Crossed the Road and Thats What I Am. Her upcoming books are I Have Lost My Shadow Twice in a Day and Green Plastic Bag. Her true childhood experiences encouraged her to write Millipede Curl. She lives north of Brisbane, Australia, and still dreams about her childhood experiences and hopes to write about them all. (2006, paperback, 32 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.