Minister Training Manual - eBook

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Minister Training Manual - eBook

Minister Training Manual

By: Bishop Gillis and Gwendolyn Thomas


About the Book

Minister Training Manual is about the fivefold ministry. It is about understanding the operation of each ministry gift and how to operate in your calling. It is also designed to help you to be effective in your calling and a training manual.


About the Author

Bishop Gillis Thomas was called into ministry in 1982. He is now the Pastor of World International Revival Center. His calling is to help souls to get saved and build up soldiers for the kingdom of God. The Word of the Lord through the Holy Spirit spoke to the author to open the doors of World International Revival Center with his wife, Gwendolyn Thomas, by his side. This road hasn’t been easy, but they were determined, knowing that God had spoken a Word in their spirit. It’s been some good days and it’s been some bad days and they had some hills to climb. When the clouds hung low they knew the good outweighed the bad because they stood on that solid foundation in God and they knew they could trust God. He would always say to the people “Let’s build a sanctuary that will glorify God.”


(2020, eBook)