Missing / Lost & Found / Lost & Found II

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Missing / Lost & Found / Lost & Found II

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Missing / Lost & Found / Lost & Found II
by G.J. Wells

Lost and Found I is about an adopted girl who is left for dead and found by a semi-retired tester. They are bonded together only to be found to begin a new life.

Lost and Found II is a sequel. She is older and has more adventures and finally finds her would-be killers.

Missing is about a family of three who turn into a family of two overnight when a little girl is kidnapped and a young man, living one thousand miles away, helps to find her.

About the Author

G. J. Wells has lived in Colorado all of his life and loves every moment he has spent there. He met his wife of over forty years in high school hand and has dedicated this book to her. He used to make airline charts until his eyes and back put him into early retirement He is diabetic and has put some of his real life experiences into the book.

(2011, paperback, 60 pages)