Mister Bull

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Mister Bull
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Mister Bull
by Fred Bull

On the pages of this book you will find a story that is completely fictional and any references to a person or persons living or dead is purely accidental.

The author tried to put down on paper a story that the whole family can read and enjoy. He uses a few harsh words, but you will find that Walker Milton Bull is an honorable, compassionate man whose heart is good, not evil. He hurts when he has to use lethal force. He is family-oriented, hard-working, and ready to help those in need and protect those that need protecting. He is a young man that loves his family, thus his trip to west Tennessee to visit his aunt and uncle. He has many hardships on his trip, but he deals with them as they happen. He makes lots of friends on his trip and his skills are tested.

About the Author:

Fred Bull is the son of George Washington (Joe) and Birdie Phebe Ramsey Bull of Claiborne County, Tennessee. He is one of twelve children, eight boys and four girls. Four of Freds brothers served in World War II, but Fred was too young. In 1948, just short of eighteen, Fred joined the army and served twenty-two years. He was married to Anna Mae Collingsworth and they had three children. Retiring in 1970, Fred returned to Tennessee. He became a full-time farmer.

Fred lost his wife to breast cancer after being married for fifty years. After her death, Fred roamed the country for fourteen months. Then he met Clara Ellen Cross Eichelberger, who had lost her husband four years prior. They were married in July 2000.

Fred always liked to write and had a vivid imagination. In his spare time he has written down the travels of a man who has a big heart.

Fred has stated many times that his dad was one of the most honest man he ever knew. He also thanks his loving wife, Clara Ellen, for her loyal support and help.

(2014, Paperback, 116 pages)