Molding a Golden Heart

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Molding a Golden Heart

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Molding a Golden Heart
by Ann Wilson

The author believes that one of the greatest achievements in life is having a heart of gold. As it becomes swelled with love, the molding of a golden heart begins.

From family and friends, fun and frolic, nature and the outdoors, love and romance, history and holiness, to doom and gloom, her aromatic potpourri of poetry permeates the air and flows like a wondrous waterfall of words.

Also included in this selection are three unforgettable short stories about her former students: Antonio, Owner of a Golden Heart, Elizabeth, Holder of a Tarnished Heart, and Samuel, Bearer of a Broken Heart. In addition, there are several poems for children.

Through versatile verse, she aims to instill a love for poetry as she shares the joys and sorrows of everyday living along with her caring words of wisdom.

About the Author

Born in Brooklyn, I am a retired New York City schoolteacher presently residing in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. I believe poetry to be the essence of human spirit, and through it we release our emotions. It reflects our innermost feelings as our heartfelt thoughts are expressed in the beauty of language.

Although this is my first book, I have received several awards, and a few of my poems have been published in different anthologies. I also have some poems recited on CD with background music.

Now in my senior years, I find great joy, pride, and fulfillment by sharing my thoughts and expressing my feelings through poetry.

(2010, hardcover, 134 pages)