Mom, There's a Rooster in the House!

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Mom, There's a Rooster in the House!

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Mom, There's a Rooster in the House!
by Phyllis S. Donatto

Mom, Theres a Rooster in the House! is an outrageously funny, but true story. Ronald and his mother have recently acquired a new puppy named Jaxx. One morning, like every other morning, Ronald takes the puppy out to potty. This soon becomes a morning like no other when a rooster chases the puppy inside the house. The usually quiet house suddenly becomes chaotic. You see, this is the day Ronalds mom fights a rooster and wins.

About the Author

Phyllis S. Donatto is a campus improvement specialist in the Fort Bend Independent School District. During her thirteen-year tenure as an educator, she has served as a PK-16+ coordinator, university professor, educational consultant, professional development school coordinator, administrative intern, and a classroom teacher. Dr. Donatto enjoys worshipping with fellow believers, volunteering, reading, and spending time with her family. She lives in Pearland, Texas with her husband Damond and son Ronald.

(2009, paperback, 36 pages)