Monster Closet

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Monster Closet

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Monster Closet
by G. L. Robins

Come with Eric, his dog Agnes, and his monster friend Eeal for the adventure of a lifetime!

Befriended by a strange creature who lures him from his bed in the middle of the night, Eric and his dog venture on a desperate quest where only they can save the lives of hundreds of helpless victims help hostage by horrible creatures on a different planet.

Will Eric and his monster companion survive attacks brought on by giant dragons, huge snakes, and vicious spiders?

Be the first to find out in this first ever book authored by G. L. Robins.

About the Author

A school custodian for nearly thirty years, Mr. Robins has written childrens books for the past ten.

An avid lover of both history and fantasy, he spends most days both reading and writing. A University of Oregon graduate, he resides in Salem, Oregon, with his loving wife, Gwen, and their small lasapoo dog, Sheeba.

This is Mr. Robins first published work.

(2011, paperback, 58 pages)