More Treading Lightly: Running Amok with Organized Rhyme

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More Treading Lightly: Running Amok with Organized Rhyme
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More Treading Lightly: Running Amok with Organized Rhyme
by John Gentry

WARNING! If you dont like any of the lines below, you wont like any of the poems inside:

He is the scourge of the rodent world, the Jack the Ripper of mice, The Boogie Man of Gopherdom with a heart as cold as ice. -From Running around Loose

I tell you the psycho-spiritual stuff, its all the rage these days. Just open your mind to the astral plane and walk in the cosmic ways. -From Visualizing

Each day he plotted and connived, cajoled her, fumed and cussed To inveigle Wilhelmena to surrender to his lust. -From Medieval Melodrama

We armed ourselves like valiant men, with swords of wood and guns of tin, And with an oath set out to seek dragons up and down that creek. -From Asotin Creek

My squash and string beans they devour, freely, sans permission; My corn and carrots, too, they send to vegetable perdition. -From Unhand That Coleoptera

And so his heart is set on having a disintegrator ray. He plans to roam the neighborhood and have a field day. -From Happy Birthday Disintegrator

Of Dunkin Donuts, chocolate glazed, nightly do I dream, And drool and slaver on my pillow for cakes and Krispy Kreme. -From Calorie Wars

Then late one night in Tinsel Town at 34th and Vine, My eye fell on some purple words hand-painted on a sign. -From Love Potion #9, Revisited

About the Author:

California humorist poet John Gentry lives and writes in Ojai, California. He is retired after 30-some years in public and private education, the U.S. Navy and various other occupations and travels. In what he calls this age of rhyme and meterless free verse, he strives in this second volume of light verse to stem the tide and revive the old traditions where a widely acclaimed poem was determined by how many non-poet readers memorized its lines rather than by how many poet/editors handed out literary awards for it. At the productive age of 80 he presides over the local Ojai Little House Writers. Comments are welcome at

(2016, Paperback, 160 pages)