Mountains Beached in My Memories

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Mountains Beached in My Memories

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Mountains Beached in My Memories
by Michael O'Loughlin

For much of the past forty years, Michael J. OLoughlin has sought peace and seclusion in unspoiled, natural beauty. His teaching career facilitated summer ski treks in Canadian wilderness areas, backpacking along the US continental divide, and canoeing/kayaking treks on the Great lakes. His growth during those experiences was enhanced by teaching positions on Vermonts Burke Mountain and Puerto Ricos NW coast.

The incredible beauty of the Adirondack Mountains, the sunset grandeur of Oswego, and the waterfall wonders of Watkins Glenall in upstate New Yorkprovided inspiration for him and playgrounds for his children. In recent years, his life along Floridas Gulf Coast continues to kindle his muse. His photographic bent provided most of the photos that accompany these poems. Chip, Tom, and Is contributed the rest.

(2011, paperback, 62 pages)