Mouse in My House

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Mouse in My House

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Mouse in My House
by Kathy Karva

(For Parents Only)

This is a true story (except for the mouse part.)

My son Roy was an adult diagnosed with many different ailments. Actually no doctor was able to help him or pinpoint his problem.

He traveled far and wide looking for a cure. He went to a research hospital in Tennessee. They told him they would be able to help him. He was to stay for two weeks. They sent him home in two days.

He was a kind, honest and a loving human being.

There was always a crowd around his bed. There were never enough chairs for all who came. One day one such visitor yelled Was that a mouse? Roy sat up in bed and said What a Mouse in My House? Hence the origination of this book.

He was often asked why he would go through all new experiments. His answer to his Father was Dad if I could save just one person isnt it worth it?

We lost Roy to his unknown ailments. He requested his body to be donated to Mayo Clinic for research.

Read to your children. Love them. There is no greater pain than the loss of your child, regardless of their age.

(2010, hardcover, 32 pages)