Mr. Stubbs: An Autobiography of a Clever Cat

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8691-4
Mr. Stubbs: An Autobiography of a Clever Cat
by Louise C. Smith For all cat lovers young and old, this story, which has for years nagged to be written, yet always shoved to the back burner, is ready for you to enjoy. Its sure to amuse and sadden you, and cause you to recall memorable experiences with your fascinating feline friends. If ever you have owned a cat, have been adopted by a cat, or have become immersed in fascination with just one, you will enjoy reading this story. ABOUT THE AUTHOR As a retired elementary school music teacher from Ohio residing in Wildwood, Florida, the luxury of unstructured hours has provided me the freedom to pursue my desire to write. This story is an attempt to immortalize or perhaps reward the kitten that became my companion, confidante, and comfort upon the death of my father when I had just turned five. I hope Kitten is pleased and his story delights each one who reads it. (2007, paperback, 32 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.