Mrs. Claus: The "First Lady" of the North Pole

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Mrs. Claus: The "First Lady" of the North Pole

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Mrs. Claus: The "First Lady" of the North Pole
by Ruth Ann Krol Levato

Mrs. Claus: The First Lady of the North Pole is a story of Emma and her journey from being an ordinary woman to Santas life partner and wife. It is a compilation of five stories that transport you from Emmas surprise visit with Santa to their twenty-fifth anniversary. A glimpse of her life in the North Pole is depicted in Mrs. Claus and Halloween, Mrs. Claus Loses Her Magic, and Christmas Goes On. Take an imaginary ride to the land of Christmas. Experience the joy and sometimes the tears of life in Toyland.

For the first time in the history of Christmas, Mrs. Claus is the star, and Santa is along for the ride in the back seat of his sleigh!

About the Author

Ruth Ann Levato is a life-long resident of Ambridge, PA. She and her husband of forty-eight years, Donald, have six grown children and fifteen grandchildren. After posing as Mrs. Claus for her granddaughter Natalies art class, she was inspired to write these stories.

She is an avid believer in the importance of reading, especially for children. What better way to promote this than writing a book for her family?

(2011, paperback, 44 pages)