Murder at Foggy Cove

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9863-4
Murder at Foggy Cove
by Debra Vonne The small group of townsmen seated at the lodge hotels table, listened intently to the one man staring at the crashing waves below. He was speaking of a twenty-year-old murder that had happened at Foggy Cove. Several people had returned to the small seaside upon summons from the sheriff. They were discussing the prior murder of a young woman twenty years before. What was her name? Where had she come from? Where did she live while at Foggy Cove? What did the young woman have in common with the two people arriving this week at Foggy Cove? Were any of the many families living along the cliffs edge overlooking the Pacific have anything to do with the two new attacks, and, yes, the recent murder? How did the lives of leading families seated at the yearly amateur show twenty years before intertwine around this case? Read Debra Vonnes new mystery, Murder at Foggy Cove, and uncover their hidden secrets. ABOUT THE AUTHOR A born-again Christian who has been writing clean stories for several years, Debra Vonnes Benji dog and her black-and-white Persian cat, Kit-Kat, keep her company, and her longsuffering husband of fifty-eight years is still coping with this hobbywriting at midnight! She likes to set her original fiction in places they have visited, and they have moved some thirty-eight times, from California, Montana, to Oregon, and back to California. They have one daughter, one son, four grandsons, and two lovely granddaughters. Her husband excels at bee-keeping and building houses. (2005, paperback, 130 pages) Availability: usually ships in 2-3 business days.